Pocket Invader


Pocket Invader


Take control of a space craft travelling through a hostile, pixealted space world. Battle a huge variety of enemy ships and bosses throughout several levels. Unlock different space crafts with their own unique abilities. Don’t forget to upgrade your ship and power-ups, because you will need them!

Get ready for a exciting journey through space with challenging levels, mighty enemies and breathtaking boss battles. Face off with several bosses, all with their own unique abilities and weaknesses.

Unlock all achievements and make it to the top of the leaderboards! Show off to your friends and let them know who the Best is! Are you able to beat the Invaders?


  • Challenging levels with diverse setups
  • Epic boss battles in atmospheric levels
  • Different ships with unique abilities to unlock and collect
  • Upgrade your ship‘s damage, firing rate, bullet speed, power-up and shield duration
  • Upgrade various Power-ups on your quest to free space from all invaders

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